Enjoy our unique brand of Exotic Tiki Surf Music…Little Kahuna Music

Welcome to the Little Kahuna Music page. We are an Orange County based Exotic Tiki and Surf Music Group. Together we have over 60 years of playing Surf and Tiki music! Let us know if you have an event that needs our unique brand of instrumental Tiki and Surf Music.

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We have new music… The Tiki, Surf sound continues with our third release, Summer by the Beach. A rockin’ example of new and reimagined surf and tiki songs with roots back to the original 60’s sounds…Enjoy the exotic tiki surf sounds of Little Kahuna…click: hearNOW and explore our new release!

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About Little Kahuna:

Craig Skelly formed the band during the Covid lockdown as a project to share ideas he had for new songs to record. Demos were sent out and friends responded favorably so he decided to move forward recording the album in a safe and distanced way. We used mostly vintage equipment to keep the music sounding authentic. The result is our first release “Little Kahuna” which incorporates Traditional Surf, Exotica, Tiki Music and Bossa Nova.

It was fun for us to create and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Show in the picture at left is (L-R) Mike Morrill, Alan Niizawa, Gus Moratinos and Craig Skelly

Saturday March 2, Royal Hawaiian in Laguna Beach, 7-10, 331 N Coast Highway, Laguna Beach. Built in 1946 and now stands as a legendary and historic Tiki restaurant and lounge. Join us…

Saturday, April 6, Royal Hawaiian Laguna Beach. Come join us at this historic tiki bar for food, beverages and Little Kahuna… 7-10, 331 N. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach.